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The Lakes

Berry Barns has two lakes covering two-and-a-half acres. Not only are they a wonderful scenic addition to the farm, with their waters reflecting the moods of the sky and the countryside, they are also purpose-built for fishing.

Quiet reflection, still water

The lakes were created on a gentle slope falling away from the farm. On one side the lakes look over the rolling Devon countryside, and on the other Dartmoor's brooding tors dominate the skyline.

Wildlife abounds. Various kinds of ducks and water birds are regular visitors, including the occasional little egret, and kingfishers can often be seen diving into the water. Dragonflies and damselflies hawk over the water in the summer sun, while fish in the lakes rise silently to the surface to snatch unwary mayflies.

Peaceful fishing in beautiful countryside

The lakes are very well stocked and fishing is restricted to residents only: there are no day tickets. If you book a cottage at Berry Barns, you book your own fishing lakes at no extra charge! Whether you want the simple pleasure of coarse fishing for fun, or the more challenging action of specimen or match fishing, the Berry Barns lakes will provide you with a good day's sport.

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